Microfed: Design Overview


Micro Services Meets the Fediverse

Microfed is a modular and extensible JavaScript framework that aims to bring together microservices and the fediverse, enabling the creation of decentralized applications that leverage the power of both worlds.

This document provides a high-level overview of Microfed’s design, outlining the core modules and their functionality.

Table of Contents

🧩 Microfed Core

The Microfed Core serves as the central module that manages communication between different components and provides utility functions.

Core Design

👥 Profile Module

The Profile Module consists of the following features:

Profile Design

📥 Inbox Module

The Inbox Module is designed to offer the following functionality:

Inbox Design

📤 Outbox Module

The Outbox Module includes the following capabilities:

Outbox Design

🔐 Authentication Module

The Authentication Module provides a flexible and extensible authentication system:

Authentication Design

🛠️ Utility Functions

The Utility Functions module offers various general-purpose functions, such as data validation, conversion, and formatting.

Utility Design

With its modular and extensible design, Microfed provides a robust and flexible foundation for developing decentralized applications that harness the power of microservices and the fediverse. By combining these technologies, Microfed empowers developers to create innovative, secure, and scalable applications for the decentralized web.