📤 Outbox Module

The Outbox Module is a critical component of the Microfed project, focusing on the efficient management of outgoing messages and ensuring secure communication with other inboxes in the fediverse. Its seamless integration with the ActivityPub protocol guarantees a smooth and intuitive user experience.


The Outbox Module offers a comprehensive solution for handling a user’s outbox in a Microfed environment, providing a range of features, including:

📤 User Outbox Class

At the core of the Outbox Module is a class specifically designed to represent a user’s outbox. This class manages the creation, processing, and sending of outgoing messages, ensuring that users can easily interact with their outboxes in a consistent and structured manner.

🔐 Private Key Management

The Outbox Module includes methods for storing and managing private keys on behalf of users. By securely handling private keys, the module helps maintain the confidentiality of users’ sensitive information and ensures robust security when communicating with other inboxes.

✍️ Message Signing

To further enhance the security and authenticity of outgoing messages, the Outbox Module supports message signing. By signing messages with a user’s private key, recipients can verify the authenticity of the message, protecting against potential phishing attempts or other malicious activities.

🚀 Message Routing

The Outbox Module ensures that messages are correctly routed to their intended recipients by providing support for determining appropriate endpoints. This functionality guarantees that messages are delivered efficiently and accurately, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Outbox Module has been carefully designed to offer an outstanding user experience when interacting with the Microfed environment. Its powerful features and seamless integration with ActivityPub make it an essential part of the Microfed ecosystem.