📥 Inbox Module

The Inbox Module is an essential component of the Microfed project, focusing on the management of incoming messages and filtering based on user preferences. It seamlessly integrates with the ActivityPub protocol, ensuring a smooth user experience.


The Inbox Module provides a comprehensive solution for handling a user’s inbox in a Microfed environment, offering a range of features, including:

📩 User Inbox Class

At the heart of the Inbox Module lies a class specifically designed to represent a user’s inbox. This class manages the storage, retrieval, and processing of incoming messages in JSON format, ensuring that users can easily interact with their inboxes in a consistent and structured manner.

🔎 Message Filtering

The Inbox Module provides methods for filtering incoming messages based on user-defined preferences. This functionality allows users to have greater control over the messages they receive, enabling them to focus on the content that truly matters to them.

🌐 ActivityPub JSON Compatibility

To ensure seamless integration with the fediverse, the Inbox Module has been designed to be compatible with the ActivityPub JSON format. This compatibility guarantees that messages from other users within the fediverse are correctly processed and displayed within the user’s inbox.

🔏 Message Signatures

In today’s digital world, security and authenticity are of paramount importance. The Inbox Module supports message signatures, allowing users to verify the authenticity of incoming messages. This feature helps to protect users from potential phishing attempts or other malicious activities.

The Inbox Module has been meticulously crafted to offer an exceptional user experience when interacting with the Microfed environment. Its powerful features and seamless integration with ActivityPub make it an indispensable part of the Microfed ecosystem.