📝 Microfed Profile

Microfed Profile is a module within the Microfed framework responsible for handling user profiles and their interactions with the fediverse using ActivityPub and WebFinger protocols. This document outlines the core design of the Microfed Profile module.

Table of Contents

🧩 Profile Components

Microfed Profile comprises the following components:

  1. Profile Manager: Handles the creation, updating, and retrieval of user profiles, as well as profile data management.
  2. ActivityPub Profile Adapter: Provides utility functions and classes to interact with ActivityPub profiles, parse and serialize profile data, and manage ActivityPub objects related to profiles.
  3. WebFinger Adapter: Offers utility functions to discover and resolve user profiles using WebFinger protocol.
  4. Profile API: Exposes an API for interacting with profiles, including fetching, updating, and managing connections.

🌐 ActivityPub Profile Integration

Microfed Profile integrates with ActivityPub using the ActivityPub Profile Adapter component. The adapter offers the following functionality:

  1. Profile Objects: Defines classes for ActivityPub profiles, including methods to manipulate and interact with profile data.
  2. Parsing and Serialization: Provides utility functions to parse and serialize ActivityPub profile data from/to JSON-LD format.
  3. Profile Interaction: Implements methods for interacting with profiles according to the ActivityPub specification, such as fetching profile data, updating profile attributes, and managing connections (followers, following, etc.).

🔎 WebFinger Integration

Microfed Profile integrates with the WebFinger protocol using the WebFinger Adapter component. This adapter provides the following functionality:

  1. Profile Discovery: Offers methods to discover user profiles based on their WebFinger identifiers (e.g., user@example.com).
  2. Profile Resolution: Implements methods to resolve WebFinger identifiers to actual profile URLs, making it easier to interact with profiles across different platforms.

🗄️ API Interface

Microfed Profile exposes a simple and intuitive API interface for developers to interact with user profiles and their related ActivityPub and WebFinger functionality. The API includes methods for:

  1. Profile Management: Creating, updating, and retrieving user profiles.
  2. ActivityPub Interaction: Fetching and updating ActivityPub profiles, and managing connections (followers, following, etc.).
  3. WebFinger Interaction: Discovering and resolving user profiles using WebFinger identifiers.

🔍 Error Handling and Logging

Microfed Profile provides robust error handling and logging to ensure that any issues or errors are properly reported and logged. This system includes:

  1. Error Classes: Custom error classes for different types of errors that can occur within the Microfed Profile module.
  2. Error Reporting: Methods for reporting errors to the user or developer, with context-specific information and suggestions for resolving the issue.
  3. Logging: A flexible logging system that supports different log levels, log formats, and log destinations (e.g., console, file, or remote server).

Microfed Profile is an essential module within the Microfed framework, providing seamless integration with ActivityPub and WebFinger protocols for managing user profiles. By handling the core functionality of profiles, Microfed Profile allows developers to build decentralized applications that leverage the power of microservices and the fediverse.